Arts Program

mini maestro
“Clink, Clank, Boom”… Making Music

Our teachers provide a carefully balanced music lesson emphasizing musical growth, encouraging creativity, and teaching simple musical elements. A wide selection of fun songs, activities, and movement will be used to incorporate memory, rhyming, and sounds. Children will be introduced to an assortment of musical instruments and making some of their own.

petite picasso
“Sticky, Squishy, Colorful Fun”…

An art based class that is dedicated to hands-on creative experiences. The program assists preschoolers in developing self-esteem and critical thinking abilities, which allow them to make decisions about the world around them. Children are given the opportunity to explore a variety of art experiences through numerous mediums.

tiny twirler
“Skip, Hop, Jump, Twirl”…

Running, hopping, skipping, tumbling, and dancing are just some of the components of the exciting movement program. The children will be ever increasing their large motor skills through creative motions, various group games, and activities. Little ones playing together encourage cooperation and develop essential life long teamwork skills.