School Hours

School hours are from 7:00 – 6:00. All children should arrive no later than 9:15 and may be picked up as early as 3:00pm.

Arrival and Departure

For security reasons each parent or specified approved adult must sign his or her child in and out every day during drop off and pick up. If anyone other than the parent is picking up, they must show photo identification to the director.


Beginning school is a significant occasion and can be a source of positive growth for everyone involved. Parents are invited to remain with their children for several days as they ease through the transition of staying in school. Once transition has been accomplished, we kindly encourage parents to give a hug and a quick goodbye.

Open Door Policy

Once your child is enrolled at Little Explorers, parents are welcome to visit anytime. Feel free to join us for storytime, birthday celebrations, arts and crafts or anything you may wish to share with your childs classmates.

Parent Communication

Every day your child will go home with a daily sheet outlining his or her day. In addition to that, monthly newsletters will be sent out to outline upcoming events and activities.